Friday, 25 April 2014

In support of Police Whistle Blower PC James Patrick

I haven’t blogged for a long time. It’s been too long. Now is the time to break the silence and what a better way to do it than with something worthwhile saying.

 In support of Police Whistle Blowers

PC James Patrick is someone the public want, and need, as a policeman. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and right.

So why have the MET put him under investigation, AGAIN, for speaking out and up about the flawed system of crime reporting, preventing him from leaving the force with his reputation intact? Channel 4 News suggest it’s vindictive and designed to intimidate him. BBC news agree.

Whistleblowers are frequently subjected to witch-hunts and driven from their careers. Those who whistle blow are often those who value their jobs more than most. If it didn’t matter, why would they bother? Yet they are victimised over and over again. It’s a typical story.

The Police need to be trusted by the public. When a police whistleblower calls time on bad practice, flawed investigations, or some other matter of concern, public confidence ultimately grows because people know there are good and honest coppers out there willing to stand up and be counted when it matters.

It’s easy to mingle with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone, to put your head above the water and remain there whilst under attack.  And who polices the Police when they can’t police themselves?

There is a huge crowd of serving and retired police officers supporting James Patrick. We endorse his actions and back his right to leave the police service with his integrity intact.

Don’t let him become a victim of injustice. There are far too many of those already.

This is James Patrick’s open letter to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police  
James Patrick’s open letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe -

 and we, the following, support him –

Alan Wright ex Met

Sharon Birch ex Met

Stephen Birch ex Met

Pat Brennen ex Met

Helen Bradburn ex Met

Brian Adamson ex Met

Willie Mohan ex Met

Chris Glossop ex Met

Stephen Southwell ex Met

Pauline Weddle ex Met

Paul Jefford ex Met

Adam Watts ex Met

Steve Dennis ex Met

Charles Walker ex Met

Peter Oldham ex Met

Phil Herdman ex Met

Ian Templeton ex Met

John West ex Met

Peter Neale ex Met

John Piggot ex Met

Neil Frame ex Met

Jackie Hastings ex Met

Mike Pannett ex Met

Eric Halfhide ex Met

Karen McGarry ex Met

Frances Wallace ex Met

Colin Biggar ex Met

Robert Southgate ex Met

Mark Cook ex Met

Andrew Holland ex Met

Mark Wood ex Met

Frank Jennings ex Met

Helen Bradburn ex Met

John Barron ex Met

Lobby Thornton ex Met

Karen Dunnett ex Met

Christopher Pengelly ex Met

William Sharpe ex Met

Ian Giles ex Met

Maurice McPhillimey ex Met

Colin Greenlees ex Met

Doug Vieweg ex Met

Ian McDonald ex Met

Karen Gilmour ex Met

Stephen Blue Hake ex Met

Richard Hutchinson ex Met

Ian Maw ex Met

Peter Burnell ex Met 

Paul Baker ex Met

Steve Bennett ex West Midlands 

Clive Bishop ex Met

Pete Plumb 

Paul Shinnick ex Met

Michael Platts ex Met

Hamish Boyd ex Met

David Pengelly ex Met

Chris Hobbs ex Met

Steve Highton ex Met

Mark Acford

Cameron McCann ex Met

Geoff Beale ex Met