Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Bit of a Lull

I’ve sort of neglected the blog of late. It’s not that I didn’t have much to say, I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing it. Too many thoughts, too many late nights, too many drinks, too much to say and never enough time.
I’ve also had one of those lulls. Those things that all writers go through, from the wannabe, the nearly there, the made it but not famous, and those everyone has heard of. All claim to have been there so as much as I was unhappy, I also knew it was part of the apprenticeship. And to be honest, I didn’t really have too much to be in a lull about. Part of it was caused by lack of time. I have been very busy this year and the snatches of time I’ve had hasn’t really been down time. It’s the time I cram in writing, like I’m pinching something that doesn’t belong to me in the first place. And although the kids in Scotland go back to school next week, it’s still going to be busy with hospital appointments and visitors and then a trip to Turkey to sort out some things over there re mam.

But back to that lull. It wasn’t really. I’ve had things published constantly this year so far, six publications and it’s only April. But these were hits from last year or early in 2011. I’ve felt I have been treading water on the writing front, partly because I haven’t written much new material apart from dire poetry every week for six weeks for the Stirred Poet competition (one of which has been published). 

Then last Saturday, I returned home after a very busy week at work, full on with appraisals for staff and sorting out various business things, and Easter Fare the morning of the day I travelled home. 

But I brought good news.  Footprints Nursery has been shortlisted for TWO business awards, one for the business sector and one for training. We find out at the award ceremony on 19th May so of course, I’ll be going back for that ball. 

And then in my pile of letters I received a cheque for £100 for winning a writing competition with the Write Place. You can find out what the judge says about my story here -

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not that I made Sally Quilford cry but I won, so I’m happy! 

I’ve written three new stories this week and hope to send them out soon. I’ve had some crits returned too, and advice on three of them is that they would make longer pieces of work, novel or novella. Not too sure on that myself but one I would quite like to prolong. However, I still have a crime novel to finish and another story in the wings waiting. 

What was that about a lull? 


  1. I think you need to check the meaning of the word Lull!!!
    Sounds like you've been very very busy-congratulations on your win!Well deserved.

  2. Well deserved win there Effie, congratulations. I would never put you and lull in the same sentence ;-)

  3. Thank you Nicola and Sallie - I appreciate you reading my blog and your lovely comments. : )

  4. Sounds like you've got plenty to work on for the moment x