Monday, 1 November 2010

Writing, Writing, and er - Writing

Today is all about writing so if you've come here looking for chat on Ehlers-Danlos, Footprints Nursery or anything else I ramble on about, they will feature another day.

On Saturday I completed another 12 hour writing marathon along with fellow writers from The Write Idea (link on this page). There were less of us this year but the enthusiasm was strong and thanks to some fantastic prompts by some great authors, the inspiration and words flowed. (Though I did have a short break for Strictly - you know how I love dancing!)

With continued support from my facebook and twitter friends I managed to write 30 individual pieces with a word count of 10.5k. Stef Hall once again thrashed me with her 198923457809 words or so it seemed. She's a writing whizz and as Jon Pinnock called her on twitter 'bonkers!' But she is a great writer.

I wrote about many things, including a man with a temporomandibular joint problem, a girl with her third finger missing, twenty eight pairs of white socks, poisoned pigeons and a little bit of fan fiction about a detective called Rebus. You may have heard of him.

I will try to figure out how to post some of the shorter stories here if anyone would like to read them.

So far, I have raised £190 for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with promises of more to come.  

Thank you everyone. 

Did I mention Ian Rankin provided lots of quirky prompts and donated £20 to the fund? He's my favourite!

Then on Sunday morning, having been woken at 8am by my darling youngest daughter phoning from a sleepover, I discovered I had won 3rd place in Sentinel Literary Quarterly - publication and £40!

The judge had nice things to say about my story too.

And that brings me to NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month, starting today, 1st November, with the aim of writing 50k of a novel by the end of the month. Writers from all over the world take part and some even have their novels published. I've always been far too busy to commit to 50k in one month but today I have made a start.

I've posted up 2.5k. The first day is easy. It's like a sugar rush. Ask me around the 15th how I'm doing.

I don't have a particular plan for writing - just as much as I can when I can. Life has a habit of taking over in this house and I can't commit to a certain amount of words on a given day. I might write nothing for a week, especially if it's a working-away-at-the-nursery week. Of which I have one a month. Another day I might churn out five thousand words.

Do I have an Idea? I have two.

Will I complete one? Maybe.

Am I mad? Very probably.

Why do I do this? Because even when I have an inbox and postbox full of rejections, I love to write. I've tried not. It doesn't work. I always creep back and tip-tap on the keyboard again. There's always something I have to say. Maybe I should shut up. It gets me into an awful lot of trouble sometimes. But wouldn't life be boring?

So that's why I like writing marathons, competitions, challenges. It helps to focus what I want to write. That's the theory. For now, anyway. Until I change my mind.


  1. Thank you Nik and Ann : )

  2. Congratulations on the marathon and good look for NaNoWriMo!