Friday, 24 September 2010

Waiting and Anticipation

I have spent today trying to write.

I should have been at my nursery. I really should. I perhaps should have gone on Tuesday but Mr Effie got a call to work this week at the crematorium. It's his relief job and this week, they wanted him. Of course, he had to go. Which means I have to be home. It was a sort of relief. I'd come back from the nursery last Wednesday and was still recovering. Even though I love it, it's full on from 7.30am - bedtime.

I spent yesterday in Perth - at the hospital, shopping, spending time with my son. I was much needed time with him. I hadn't realised. It's easy to miss the signs when they are teenagers. We had a good day. Shopping for clothes for his forthcoming french exchange trip, food shopping, lunch together and just spending time talking or not. Thank you Matthew.

Then yesterday I found out I'd come home with the super secure safe key containing all the money for the nursery work and builder. Hmm. Did I get on the next train South (North) or entrust it to the mail service special delivery?

I sent it special delivery. Coward. Perk of the boss. Whatever. I was worried. Especially when the phone rang at 7.30am this morning. I was up anyway but the last time the phone rang at that time it was bad news. Very bad news.

The nusery fingerprint security system had failed. Nobody could gain entry.

I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say - it all got sorted. Thankfully. Including the tap that a two year old pulled off creating a jetting spout, the fingerprint system, the other mundane problems with having a business miles and miles away. And yes - the key arrived safely, even if the person who housed the safe wasn't in - but that's another story.

So today I ended up writing two stories and half a story. Amazon delivered my long awaited collection of stories by Nik Perring and two books by Caroline Smailes. Oh how I love these writers. I'm halfway through Nik's book and had to put it down. I want to savour it. Delight in each story. If I read it all tonight, the pleasure won't linger. And when I've finished his - I've Caroline's books to enjoy. I have a feeling, if Like Bees to Honey is anything to judge, that I will be enriched by these two books - Black Boxes/ In Search of Adam. I'm looking forward to reading them with anticipation. Anyway, I digress, one of the stories I wrote was for my husband - all about waiting and anticipation and life and bygone years. Maybe, if I show him, he might like it. Perhaps.

One of the other stories was for the Slingink Scribbling Slam round two. If you want to read it, you'll have to wait. In anticipation, I hope. Can't give anything away until it's been judged. The other part written story will live another day, I'm sure.

Tomorrow I'm going to Inverness to meet a writing friend from my creative writing Open University course - she's not on twitter. Perhaps I can convert her? I look forward to the challenge. Anticipation. I'm sure she'll love it once she starts.


  1. Hi Effie. You're so right about teenagers. I'm forever getting it wrong!
    You will indeed be enriched by In Search of Adam. Very moving... I have yet to read Caroline's other books but I was completely absorbed by that one. Hope you've persuaded your OU friend to come and play with us on Twitter :)

  2. Thanks Rachel.
    We have two teenagers and one wannabe - she's 11 and practising.
    Still trying to persuade friend - sure she will with drip-drip persistence ;-)
    Halfway through Black Boxes already - love it.