Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday - catch-up

Didn't blog yesterday - didn't seem to be the sort of day for it, if you know what I mean.

Friday's dinner party went well - very well! The couple duly arrived at 7.30pm - Danish (not dutch!). He's an associate professor in Philosophy, Ethics and Psychology and she's a student. Lovely people and just the sort of conversation Mr Effie likes. Daughter the elder, being the only child at home that evening, joined in and really enjoyed the adult company. Big Al from the Black Watch invited himself too, so dinner spread from 4 to 6 - good job the resident chef always cooks too much!

By 1am I really had to depart - my knee was aching, my belly full, my saturation level satiated and the cross conversation was making my head hurt. It didn't help that all but I smoked (and daughter of course, but she'd gone up around midnight).

Saturday was spent trying to fight off a hangover - unlike the others who had to give in to theirs, having finished drinking at 4am. I've spent the day studying and trying to keep my knee steady. The brace helped but oh, the pain! It was a bit of a non-day - low and unenthusiastic so I ended it by watching a rom-com with both daughters. Patrick Dempsey - need I say more? ;-)

Today dawned cheerier. Might be something to do with a beautiful dream I had - and it's stuck with me. Perhaps, if I close my eyes, I might dream the dream again ... can't possibly tell you what it was though, it will never come true if I do!

I've spent a few hours cramming the last of the reading before tackling my final assignment. Then this afternoon an email plopped into my inbox -

I've WON the Cooldog Short Story competition with a tragic little number called Haemorrhage. £100 plus publication in their e-Mag.

This was a story that started life as a flash in last years writing marathon. Then I made it into a long story for the Whittaker comp, round 2. It wasn't placed in the Bristol short story comp, nor Writer's Village, but obviously it was right for Cooldog!

As my knee is still unstable, I'm not physically dancing but there's a lot of it going on in my head - have a great Sunday!