Wednesday, 1 September 2010

First Day of September

I like September. I like all the autumn months. My favourite time of year. I wasn't so keen on today, when the mists hung low enough to obliterate the mountains at the back of our house but I could forgive the damp and the drizzle. I like September.

Last night I was amazed at the power of Twitter. A fellow eds-er in USA told the world she was going to the dentist. I commiserated, told her about my day. Within in a very short time, I had contact from this lady's dentist (who is also on twitter), a photograph of a mouth support/splint and a concoction for pain-relief whilst in the chair. If you didn't know, many people with EDS and other connective tissue disorders are resistant to local anaesthetics and often react poorly to generals too. This is becoming more recognised and a study is currently taking place at Addenbrokes hospital. I eagerly await the results.

This morning, I spoke to my dentist. He wasn't so keen on the dental block as he said it's one size and can't be adapted for each patient's requirement. Hmm. I see that. As for the pain relief, he said he tried that last time. Hmm. It didn't work either.

Nevertheless, I still find the power of Twitter to be amazing.

On the writing front, I haven't much to report. Husband read my latest story - based on truths - disappointed that he'd been relegated to a third-lackey walk-on bit part. I told him that what he did say was poignant, significant and less was often more. Not sure he was convinced.
It hasn't been a productive day. I must have man-flu. I've not felt as bad as this for a very long time. And the jaw still aches, and the feet, and every other muscle, tendon, joint. As I say, it must be man-flu, for isn't that the worst thing possible?

I haven't danced, but it doesn't really matter. Today is the first day of September.


  1. I learned something during that twitter exchange too. I didn't know that problems with anesthesia were common in EDS. That helped me to understand why I woke up during my last colonoscopy. (Tho it freaked the doc out more than me.)
    Have you seen 'Dancing With Pain'? I haven't tried it myself but it looks interesting.

  2. I haven't seen it - will look out for it. And thanks for posting! : )