Friday, 3 September 2010

Consolidation day

Time to assess and plan ahead for the writing tasks I have lined up.

The Slingink Slam writing competition starts on 10th September - 2 weeks to write a story and submit it, and with 6 rounds, that's 6 stories to be banked for later subbing. Judged by the great Nik Perring, it promises to be a knock-out contest, esp with writers like Jon Pinnock and Stef Hall taking part - never mind the other usual suspects who are a force to be reckoned with. You know who you are! There's places and seats to be filled if anyone fancies joining in.

OU assignment (TMA 06 - last one ever!)  to be sent off by 17th September.    

An online creative writing course re my shortlisting win by Stephanella Law on Creative Identity starts some time soon.

OU exam 11th October.

Writing Marathon 30th October 2pm - 2am (GMT) with The Write Idea.
Any other competition entries/subs I wish to make otherwise - and I'm sure there will be a few.

Hmm. And this is all without including the day job.

Re THE WRITATHON - the idea is to write as many items as you can – flash fiction, short stories, poems, scripts – anything to do with writing. You can partake for the full 12hrs or dip in and out when you can, so no worry about the full 12 - one or two will do! I'm a sucker though - I always do the 12.

We have many writers world-wide taking part in this writing initiative and in the past we have raised money for Alzheimer’s research, Children in Need, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Cancer care charity, Volunteer Reading Help – this year you decide your own charity.

It will work like always – prompts posted throughout the duration and threads for each writer but this year we have decided that instead of targeting one charity, each writer will responsible for creating their own charity/just giving page for a charity of their choice. This way, there is no conflict for international/not-at-home charity fundraisers and people can select a worthy cause close to their own heart/feelings/wishes.
All donations to be notified on the individual’s page (either through the page or through the writer notifying the amount collected away from the internet.) 

We haven’t had an anthology recently for writing created during the writathon but this is something we can consider if there is enough interest. 

So - anyone fancy joining me?

We've some Dutch people coming for dinner this evening. They seem like a nice young couple. Mr Effie met them in the pub and invited them round. He's been cooking all day - he's a marvellous cook, if you didn't know. Why do you think I'm this size? And what can I say? I invite strangers from twitter! All in the cause of an interesting life, if nothing else. Can't complain about being bored.

It's been painful week - making up for all the gadding about I did last week. It catches up - I'm learning.
Jaw feels much better, but I have rearranged the appointment for the dentist. The cold is still a cold. Now the knee is out - painfully - so it's a brace day today. Not much chance of dancing.

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