Monday, 6 September 2010

6th September - day before I go away

So today dawned - no sleep, terrible pains in knee and leg - finally managed a couple of hours of strained sleep at 8am. Brace/crutches sort of day.

No writing but trying to encourage some writers to join in with the Scribbling Slam on Slingink starting 10th September for 12 wks - submit a story every 2 wks for 6wks. It's great fun and a marvellous way of building up the short stories. Also trying to find some more people for the writing marathon on 30th October. I'm still thinking which charity to write for so please send any suggestions.

I'm off tomorrow to do my proper job of working at Footprints Day Nursery. It's going to be hard to be away from home so long. I wonder how other mothers cope when they work away from home. I did a six week residential course back in 2004 when I was in the police force. The kids were so much younger, in bed earlier, the mother in law came over and I was home on the weekends but this seems very different.

I'll be away until around 17th September (thereabouts, depending) as we are having a lot of refurb work done. (At nursery, not at home, alas.) The kitchen will be totally ripped out. The new plans look fantastic. It'll mean a lot of hard work for everyone, not just the builders, but the staff, the children, the parents ... everyone. We're also having two store rooms converted into sensory rooms and the corrider will have a new suspended ceiling with storage above. It promises to be superb. And I'm sure Mr Cole (Cole Construction) will do us proud once more.

So - it will be a busy time for me. I have a staff meeting tomorrow night, and during the week, meetings with the accountant, bank manager, interviews to hold for the Room Leader posts, a night out with the staff, an OU tutorial and a mountain of work to do - and an essay!

I guess there won't be much time for writing, blogging, twitter, or dancing, (esp as my knee is in such a poor state right now) but at least it's all promising. There's so much to look forward to!

Be good and I'll post back when I can. Missing you already.

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