Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday 29th August - #Edbookfest day

Good news this morning!

Awoke to find that daughter the elder has been shortlisted for the 12-16 Slingink Prize. She's very happy. So am I. It takes away my disappointment at not being placed - but it's all part of the game isn't it. She's now dancing around the kitchen and so was I a couple of minutes ago - told you I like to dance ;-)

We are off the Edinburgh Book Festival and found that with a family railcard, we can go 2 adults and 4 kids for £37.70 - far cheaper than the petrol and parking. So very shortly, we'll be off. Sorry to see that the lastest train leaves at 17.50 though -would have liked to stay longer.
Must remember to pack my study book. I have about 140 pages left to read before I can start my final assignment for my OU course. After that, there is an exam and then I'm DONE! Can't wait.

And just to confirm how strange life actually is - can you believe that it's SNOWING?

Have a good day folks. We intend to.

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