Monday, 30 August 2010

A non-bank holiday

Up here in Sunny Scotland (for it is today) there is no bank holiday. Apparently we had one in early August but I must have blinked or something. The kids were already off school and it was situation normal, espcially in a tourist little village somewhere in Perthshire.

I started the day off dancing in the dining room. Daughter the elder pleaded with me to stop. I can only think it was because of my thread-pulled pink dressing gown and bed hair and not the dancing itself. She even pulled the curtains together - and we never pull the curtains together in the dining room. I think she was frightened someone might walk past and as we are on the school-run walk, I guess there was every chance. I blame Radio 2 for playing a ditty little number from Saturday Night Fever. (Did you know my brother looks like John Travolta? Can't see it myself ...)

Radio 2 have played out some great old tunes today - a run down of all time bestsellers or something. It's on in the background as I work away, studying, critting, writing, twittering ... They played I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing and I expected Puff the Magic Dragon to follow but alas, it was something by Leif Garret.

Daughter the younger came home from school for lunch and told me someone's mum has had a hyrospectomy. I had to laugh, especially when she said, 'I suppose you'll tweet that.'

I enjoyed David Almond's talk yesterday at #edbookfest. An unassuming man to look at, I was fascinated and compelled to hear him talk about his writing process. I just love to listen to these 'made-it' authors. It was very moving and I can't remember what prompted it, but I had a tear in my eye more than once. I held my breath when The Son asked a question - he has form - but all was fine when he asked the author about writer's block. He must have impressed (or they were desperate) because he was invited to ask another. I didn't breathe and waited for it. It was okay - he asked Mr Almond what his views were on life after death. A good question, if you know the author's books.

Oh - and talking of #edbookfest - I never did find the missing plastic duck despite many discussions on twitter last night, including a wake - if you don't follow - don't ask. All stream-of-consiousness stuff to the uninitiated I would guess.

I'm not sure that 2hrs each way on the train was worth the rushed McDonald's and just over an hour at @edbookfest but it fulfilled the criteria of a 'family day out'. Please remind me, next time I plan an outing with my three plus one other. It was rather stressful at times, especially when they started playing slaps on the crowded train.

Anyway, I've honestly done a little studying, I've read four stories for my writing forum and done some 'things' on the net. I never mentioned scrabble, twitter, facebook ... oops, yes, I just did. The ironing won't do itself so I'd better press on.



  1. Enjoyed this account! My kids fortunately older now, but remember once at a talk by Diana Wynne Jones, she said something polite about always being interested in Readers' ideas... My daughter thrust hand skywards and gave her very confused plot of book for five solid minutes. DWJ was a sweetie. Said she'd be sure to consider it next time her mind was in that sort of realm - an answer which satisfied my daughter perfectly.

  2. Aren't they great? Don't ever want to dull their spirit but sometimes ... ;-)