Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last day of August

Well, today I have been a big girly - like a big girl's blouse but floppier - in physical form and emotional. But I'm feeling much better now, thank you.

The day started with two (positive) rejections for two pieces of flash fiction. Both had some sound feedback from two editors

Snippets from  1)Great introduction and use of the bananas to set the scene. This piece is packed with really effective description 
....What a great description of a bunch of rotten bananas. I'll never look at them the same way.
Effective opening, some nice moments

The overall feeling though, was that this was an introduction to a much longer story waiting to be told.
I'll do just that - write it longer. Unfortunately, that means that this market can't take it but I'll have something to put out there with some confidence that at least the beginning is good ;-)

Snippets from 2)  The author does a great job of relaying the mother's thoughts and worries...
solid prose, it's a tragedy one might read in the newspaper
This time I set the scene too well without leaving the reader with the element of surprise, not enough effective buildup. Whether I do anything further with this one, I don't know but I feel like I might be able to take elements of it and make it into a longer story by drip feeding the information.

Then 10.30am dawned and my dentist appointment. I had a clean and polish with hygienist. Mouth bled a lot, as it always does, but I left her with sparkling teeth even if my gums were now a lot more sore than they had been in a while. Then to the denist, a lovely chap! He found two teeth with cracks in them, which probably account for pain upon biting and the hot/cold sensitivity. Three xrays were required.
Oops. Mouth wide open, xray pad inserted - excrutiating pain in my left ear followed. When it settled, I realised it wasn't my ear but my jaw - it had sublaxed. All part of the Ehlers-Danlos but still very painful.
I left with an appointment for Friday to re-construct one of the teeth, £80 light from my bank account and a jaw that needed punching to slot back into place. On top of my poorly feet (another damn #eds thing). I hobbled home, woozy, a bit shaky and not at all looking forward to my trip to the pain clinic that afternoon.

Of course, I bemoaned my woes on twitter, picked myself up and headed off to my appointment. We arrived early, to park, and sat and had a coffee. With three minutes to go, I duly presented myself to the outpatients, only to be told we were in the wrong 'oupatients' department. I could have sobbed. It meant a five minute walk to a little old-fashioned portakabin style place, which also meant I was now late. When we arrived, I soon realised the pain clinic also doubled as the STD clinic. Leaflets for chlamydia and HIV adorned the walls and a bowl offering free condoms sat on the table in reception. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Honestly - I was there to see the pain lady! And NO - I didn't collect any condoms on the way out.

It turned out to be a positive experience and I took a lot of leaflets and ideas away with me. I did cry, because sometimes that's all you can do when you have this sort of pain. But I wiped my tears, listened to the nurse and felt a whole lot better.

I'm still hobbling and my jaw is still hurting but I've sent out another two flash stories to the rejecting market from this morning and the sun is still shining. I have a mind full of bubbling ideas for stories and my fingers are itching to get back to work on WiP.

I didn't dance today but perhaps I will tomorrow.

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