Saturday, 28 August 2010

First Blog

Oh well, here goes.

I suppose I should start by writing a little about me - and if you know me, you'll know there is very little that is 'little' about me.

I love to write. I love to write a bit more than I love to dance. I'm not sure how well I do either especially as I have a spatial awareness problem and a darn disability. Perhaps, if you've seen me dance or write, you can comment and let me know?

Like many wannabe writers and actual writers I have loved to write since I found that I could. I wrote lots of stories and kept them in an old battered faux leather suitcase, the sort that was around in the 60's that many kids seemed to have. When we moved house in 1973, my parents decided it didn't need to come with us. I guess that's why I hoard, why I'm so protective of things dear to me. It's such a load of carpe diem.

I didn't write again until I was about fourteen. Such a lot of typical teenage angst stuff - nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going down the garden to eat worms kinda stuff. Only, back then, we didn't have a garden but we did do a lot of camping.

I dipped into writing on and off and have some of my dire short stories, typewritten and tippexed, in a red folder somewhere.

When I left the police force in 2005, I had started to write fiction (and some not so fiction) in earnest. I joined a few online writing forums and turned my OU degree from Social Sciences to Creative Writing. I even won a couple of competitions. My first win was with Twisted Tongue with my story Post Mortem. It inspired me. I felt like I'd come home and this was what I should be doing. Ha.

I decided I needed a name. I didn't like Sharon. Never had. And my best friend is called Tracey and we used to work together and I didn't want to be part of Viz or some lad-lit comedy. And who had ever heard of anyone called Sharon ever making it? I'm sure they have - Sharon Tate - she ended up with her head cut off.

So I thought long and hard and I decided I liked the name Effie. Can't remember the thought processes but then my husband came up with Effie Merryl. I liked it. A lot. Then he said, yes, Ephemeral. Hmm. (

But I still liked. And if I only lasted for one day then it had better be good. I'm working on it.

Why should I blog?

Because everyone else seems to do it.
People tell me I should.
I enjoy networking and it's a great way to network.
I love writing.
I like the sound of my own writing voice (sometimes).
A way of remembering the things of the past when my mind forgets (through old age/alcohol/otherwise)
And probably many other reasons which I will remember as I go along this well trodden path.

If you don't like what I say, you don't have to read. I promise not to flame you so please don't flame me. I may rant a bit. I may rant a lot, but I wouldn't want to offend you.

Happy blogging!

Oh - and if you like what I say, please let me know and follow me.

Who will be the first the comment?


  1. Congratulations on your blog, Effie. I'd been competing in the Whittaker with you for two years without knowing anything about you (really), so it was great to learn a little more. Good luck with this. For someone as prolific as you, it should be very successful.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world, Effie. :D

  3. Thank you Cate.
    Thank you Gale - it's easy to forget that we know so little of each other personally but yet, we feel like we know each other so well. And thank you for the vote of confidence!

  4. Great first blog Effie - and at last I know the story of your alter ego.

    And I haven't seen you dance, but I like the way yoru words dance on the page...and the way you brighten up the soundtrack of my Facebook wall

    Rant away :)

  5. Great post. I look forward to reading many more.

    Good luck with the writing too.

  6. Ah - thank you so much Ann. :)

  7. Write on Effie, this looks great :))

  8. Hello, sweetheart! Great to see the real you (and you DO look like Lucy Lawless!)

  9. Yep... I agree with all the's looking good. You can add, change and tinker-about with it now everytime you get the urge.

    Keep Smiling

    whoops...not sure what to do with the drop-down thing...

  10. Dot, Helen, Quillers - thank you. Will keep tinkering with it.

    I fear I have unleashed a beast!

  11. Welcome to the blogosphere, Effie. I've only read your entries in Rowan's status short story contests, but I've enjoyed them very much and I'm looking forward to finding some more of your work to read. Thanks for sharing the story of the creation of your alter ego.

  12. Following you from Norway here! :) You'll find me at if you're interested. :)

  13. Way to go Effie! Think you might inspire me to rejuvinate my own much neglected blog!

  14. Hey! Thanks for the comments - yes, I will follow other's blogs - esp if you post the links. I try to find friends blogs but sometimes miss them.
    Sallie - go and do it! : )

  15. Look forward to following this, Effie.

    And who knows, I may yet start a blog of my own.

    Way to go, girl,


  16. Hi Effie - very impressive and in such a short time too. I'll have to get one very soon :)

  17. Francis - Mandy - look forward to it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. : )

  18. Hi, Effie. Great to see you've joined the blogosphere. Here's to many more excellent posts and writing successes. BTW, why don't you pop over and see me sometime? On my blog - here: , I mean, of course.

    ;) scar

  19. Welcome to the world of blogs, Effie! 'Bout time too if I may say so! Looking forward to following it :)

  20. Hellooo!! Great to see you blogging! Mine is always in dire need of an update, just never seem to have enough to say that warrants it! I shall subscribe as soon as I've posted this! :)

  21. Thank you! Will add you too ;-)

  22. Hi Effie.

    I saw your blog announcement on the Euro Reviews loop.

    Welcome to 'blogdom'. I think you've made a fantastic job on your blog. I tried to follow you, but Google is being a pain again and won't let me. I'll try again later. I might manage to keep in touch a bit better now you have a blog. I've become very bad at keeping up on all the numerous forums and loops I belong too (including TWI sadly, although I keep meaning to go there for ages.) I find it easier somehow to comment on blogs and I'm liberally scattered around the blogosphere.

    Hope you're feeling better after your less than ideal day.

    I'll add you to my links and if you want to come visit I'm


  23. HI Lyn - thank you very much!

    What's Euro Review? Sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable on things like this - yet, anyway.
    I try to add myself to your followers but yes, teh friend thing is playing up and someone said to add the url manually - oh dear ...

    I hope to add to this regularly but as everything, there are times when other things take over.


    Effie x